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A working life on the campaign trail for working parents

By June 23, 2022August 17th, 2022Listen

LISTEN  I was interviewed by Jane Johnson for the Careering into Motherhood podcast. She got me thinking back about what has changed for working mothers over the past 40 years and what still has to happen, at least in campaigning terms.

Spoilers – I said can we just get flexible working “done” so all jobs are advertised flexibly, and then concentrate on equalising parental leave and sorting out childcare. Not too much to ask?! Because do that, and perhaps we can remove the gender detriment from parenthood, so that every couple family can choose for both parents to work a bit less than full time, and use childcare a lot less than full time, without career damage or family damage. Better for our kids, better for our relationships, if we can achieve domestic and workplace equality.